Title Speaker Posted
Break on Impact in Clarkston, Georgia 05.22.15
Break on Impact in London, England 05.22.15
Studying Marketing at Covenant 05.22.15
Developing a Framework of the World 05.22.15
ScotsCast: A Place Students Can Embrace 04.08.15
A Semester in Japan 02.06.15
Why Come to a Place Like Covenant? 02.06.15
Celebrating Women in Computing 02.06.15
Advising Pre-Med Students 02.06.15
Engaging the Community through Music 02.06.15
ScotsCast: Sanctification Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 12.05.14
ScotsCast: Brow Wood Community Frank Brock, Former President of Covenant College 11.11.14
ScotsCast: Discovering the Castle in the Clouds Marie Alston, Longtime friend of the College 11.07.14
ScotsCast: Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 11.04.14
ScotsCast: Covenant's Move to Lookout Mountain Frank & Dottie Brock, Former President of Covenant College & Wife 11.03.14
ScotsCast: Campus Preview Weekend Sarah Swygard '13, Admissions Representative & Alumna 10.02.14
ScotsCast: A Midsummer Night's Dream Matthew Mindeman '17, Student 10.02.14
ScotsCast: Our Move-In Day Was 50 Years Ago Helen Piatt ’70 and Janis Putman ’68 , Alumnae 08.22.14
ScotsCast: The Center for Student Success Janet Hulsey & Sarah Ocando, Director of Academic Support & Director of Student Success 08.14.14
ScotsCast: Siblings on Senate Hannah '15 & Harris Stevens '15, Senior Class President & Student Body President 07.24.14
ScotsCast: Physical Education Classes Tim Sceggel '06, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Operations and Adjunct Instructor 07.09.14
ScotsCast: Physical Education Instructors Tim Sceggel '06, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Operations and Adjunct Instructor 07.09.14
ScotsCast: Shaped by Interdisciplinary Studies Brian Simons '13, Alumnus 06.18.14
ScotsCast: Called to Physical Therapy Matt Annessi '08, Alumnus 06.10.14
ScotsCast: Faithful Learning Dr. Jay Green, Professor of History 06.10.14
ScotsCast: Preparing for the Police Force with Sociology Damarise Turnbull '13, Alumna 05.23.14
ScotsCast: Fascinated by Linguistics Sarah Boone '14, Alumna 05.22.14
ScotsCast: Learning & Loving as a Whole Person Andrew Bankson '14 & Andrew Christenberry '14 , Alumni 05.20.14
ScotsCast: Transformed through Community Garrison Dale '14 & Grace Hooper '14, Alumni 05.19.14
ScotsCast: Studying Management in Sport at Covenant Catherine Kercher '13, Alumna 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Interdisciplinary Studies as Career Preparation Catherine Kercher '13, Alumna 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Three Semesters at Covenant Jordan Yeo '14, Student 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Impact Moment Rachael Luther '15, Student 04.09.14
ScotsCast: Boldly Pursuing My Calling Jim Hurt '15, Student 03.31.14
ScotsCast: Playing the Ugly Duckling in Honk! Jamison Shimmel '14, Student 03.24.14
ScotsCast: The Kids of Honk! Child Actors 03.24.14
ScotsCast: Break on Impact Ann Jones '14, Student 03.21.14
ScotsCast: Why Double Major? Chris Destigter '14, Student 02.28.14
ScotsCast: Chapel: A Call to Worship Rev. Grant Lowe, Chaplain 02.27.14
ScotsCast: Alumni Ventures: Ambition Micah Hausler '11, Alumnus 02.26.14
ScotsCast: Pursuing Nursing at Covenant Jeanna Belz '17, Student 02.26.14
ScotsCast: Scholarship Weekend 2014 Sarah Ocando, Associate Director of Admissions 02.05.14
ScotsCast: Giving to Provide Christian Education Jim Cox, Alumnus 02.03.14
ScotsCast: Interview Preparation | Mock Interview Day Anthony Tucker '99, Former Director, Center for Calling & Career 02.03.14
ScotsCast: Filmmaking & Philosophy Peter Garriott '09, Alumnus 01.17.14
ScotsCast: The Gift of Your Presence - A Pastor's Perspective Daniel Gilchrist, Pastor & Alumnus 01.08.14
ScotsCast: Programming Competition Success Keith Rice '16, Tim DeVries '17, & Nick Gilbert '17 12.17.13
ScotsCast: Playing in Covenant's Chamber Orchestra Heather Barker '16, Student 12.16.13
ScotsCast: Remembering Mandela Cathy Scott '94, Alumna 12.10.13
ScotsCast: Transferring to Covenant Bethany Doster '13, Student 12.06.13
ScotsCast: Playing Bagpipes at Covenant Emma Beers '14, Student 12.05.13
ScotsCast: Celebrating Christmas at Covenant Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 12.04.13
ScotsCast: Loving Covenant as a Family Sharon & Allen Duble '58 12.03.13
ScotsCast: Learning Humility in Covenant's Philosophy Club Michael Brown '16, Student & President of the Philosophy Club 11.27.13
ScotsCast: Thankful for Covenant Isaac Wardell '01, Alumnus 11.25.13
ScotsCast: Why a Hymn Festival? Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 11.14.13
ScotsCast: From Classroom to Career Emmett Gienapp '16, Student 11.14.13
ScotsCast: Endowment is Key Sam Smartt, Covenant College Foundation Board Member 11.01.13
ScotsCast | Theatre: "Waiting for the Paint to Dry" Kathryn Jenkins '12, Alumna 10.30.13
ScotsCast: From Covenant to a Think Tank Josh Good '98, Alumnus 10.29.13
ScotsCast: Why Study Computer Science at Covenant? John Lenk, Parent 10.28.13
ScotsCast: Influential Professors: Dr. John Wingard Michael Brown '16, Student 10.28.13
ScotsCast: Influential Professors: Dr. Lance Wescher Evan Weir '15, Student 10.11.13
ScotsCast: Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Christian Thought Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 10.08.13
ScotsCast: My Experience at Kenya's Westgate Mall Andrew Strickenburg '07, Alumnus 09.30.13
ScotsCast: Professors Who Go the Extra Mile Emily Kling Somerville '05, alumna 09.24.13
ScotsCast: Finding Fellowship at RUF Joanne Alfred and Scott Kelley, students 09.20.13
ScotsCast: Google Ambassador at Covenant John Holland '14 , Student 09.17.13
ScotsCast: International Internship: US Mission to the WTO Christian Masters '14, Student 09.11.13
ScotsCast: Professional Networking in College Ron Jones, Associate Professor of Business 09.05.13
ScotsCast: Summer Work at Covenant Neil Clement '13 , Alumnus 09.02.13
ScotsCast: The Covenant Endowment Dr. Frank Brock, Former President of Covenant College 08.27.13
ScotsCast: Empowering Communities Through Project:Restore Jonathan Adam '10, Alumnus 08.23.13
ScotsCast: Pre-Law Internships April Kent '13, alumna 08.16.13
ScotsCast: Discipleship & Covenant Softball Sara Russell, Head Softball Coach 08.13.13
ScotsCast: 2013-2014 Cross Country Season Outlook Katie Stanford, Head Cross Country Coach 08.12.13
Learning to Look Dr. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt '04, Assistant Professor of Art 08.02.13
ScotsCast: God's Gift of Music Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 08.02.13
ScotsCast: Paying Student Loans & Giving to Covenant Hunt '11 and Tera '12 Davidson, Alumni 07.29.13
ScotsCast: Ministry Opportunities in RUF Ron Brown, RUF Campus Minister 07.26.13
ScotsCast: Introduction to Reformed University Fellowship Ron Brown, RUF Campus Minister 07.25.13
ScotsCast: What Sets Covenant Athletics Apart? Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 07.22.13
ScotsCast: Computer Science Internships Dr. John Hunt, Associate Professor of Computer Science 07.19.13
ScotsCast: Art and English Internships Walter Somerville '14 and Grant Thomas '14, Students 07.16.13
ScotsCast: The Christian Athlete Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 07.01.13
ScotsCast: Covenant Alumni in Chattanooga Sheldon Grizzle '03 and Enoch Elwell '12, Alumni 06.28.13
ScotsCast: Vision for Covenant Athletics Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 06.27.13
ScotsCast: Alumni Entrepreneurs Sheldon Grizzle '03 and Enoch Elwell '12, Alumni 06.26.13
ScotsCast: Interdisciplinary Studies at Covenant Caroline Drexler '13, Alumna 06.19.13
ScotsCast: Women's Basketball Program Sarah Harris, Head Women's Basketball Coach 06.18.13
ScotsCast: Solving Equations and Worshiping God Dr. Curtis Stern, Professor of Engineering 06.12.13
ScotsCast: Covenant Baseball in the NCCAA World Series Doug Simons, Head Baseball Coach 06.11.13
ScotsCast: Why Visit Covenant? Sophy Beers '12 and Anne McNutt '12, Admissions Representatives 06.10.13
ScotsCast: The Application Process at Covenant Sophy Beers '12 and Anne McNutt '12, Admissions Representatives 06.07.13
ScotsCast: The Challenge of Freedom at College Janet Hulsey, Director of Academic Support 06.06.13
ScotsCast: Center for Calling & Career - Four Years Later Anthony Tucker '99 and Leda Goodman '90, Director and Office Coordinator - Center for Calling & Career 06.04.13
ScotsCast: Student Growth through Residence Life Jonathan Ingraham '07, Associate Dean of Students 06.03.13
ScotsCast: Covenant's Master of Education Program Jonathan Swanner, M.Ed. graduate 05.30.13
ScotsCast: New Students and Life on Campus Julie Moore, Associate Dean of Students 05.29.13
ScotsCast: Community Development Internships Dr. Russell Mask, Associate Professor of Community Development 05.29.13
ScotsCast: The Practicality of the M.Ed. Program Robbie Steen, M.Ed. Student 05.24.13
ScotsCast: Principles of Marketing Business Pitch Principles of Marketing students 05.24.13
ScotsCast: Immersion in the Language Lab Language Lab student tutors and administrator 05.17.13
ScotsCast: The Language Lab Anna Wiersema '12 and Zeiadee Khalil ’16, Alumna and Student 05.16.13
ScotsCast: Sending Homeschooled Students to Covenant Beverly Pelts and Daniel Pelts '16, Parent and Student 05.07.13
ScotsCast: Math Education at Covenant Dr. Sarah Donaldson, Assistant Professor of Education 05.02.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and Sacrificial Living Collyn Schmidt, Heritage Society Member 04.30.13
ScotsCast: Studying English as a Theatre Major Ann Jones '14, Student 04.15.13
ScotsCast: Critiquing Student Business Ideas Jonathan Mansfield and Jay Boyd '13, local professional and student 04.12.13
ScotsCast: Taking the Core Classes Elisabeth Hooker '15, Student 04.11.13
ScotsCast: Working in the Library Sam Moreland '15, Student 04.10.13
ScotsCast: Choosing Theatre as a Major Ann Jones '14, Student 04.09.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Psycholinguistic Research Tatum Clinton '14 and Dr. Nola Stephens, Student and Assistant Professor of linguistics 04.08.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Research on Music's Effect on Memory Karen VanderHart '14 and Kenneth Burke '14, Students 04.08.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Research on Motivating Activism Emily Weaver '15 and Emelie Schaefer '15, Students 04.05.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Research on Attributing Fault in Rape and Assault Wynn Bennett '14, student 04.05.13
ScotsCast: Stage Managing "Into the Woods" Ann Jones '14, Student 04.04.13
ScotsCast: Holy Week Dr. Ken Stewart, Professor of Theological Studies 03.28.13
ScotsCast: Giving for the Glory of God Will Dyer '11, Alumnus 03.25.13
ScotsCast: Living Off Campus Davey Hoffman '13, Student 03.20.13
ScotsCast: Teaching Sunday School while in College Valen Caldwell '15 and Lillian Arjona-Garzon '16, Students 03.18.13
ScotsCast: Moms in Prayer for Covenant Kelly Stevens and Connice Dyar, Mothers of Students 03.14.13
ScotsCast: Studying Math at Covenant Davey Hoffman '13, Student 03.13.13
ScotsCast: Dissections at Covenant Pieter de Groot '14 and Matthew Bazzel '13, Students 03.11.13
ScotsCast: Living Off Campus Shelby Knapke '13, Alumna 03.08.13
ScotsCast: The Faith of Stewardship Isaiah '11 and Kelly Smallman '12, Alumni 03.07.13
ScotsCast: The Pre-Engineering Program Jim Grauley '82, Alumnus 03.06.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and the Church Kevin Hughes '15, Student 03.04.13
ScotsCast: Growing at Covenant Brian '13 and Shelby Knapke Simons '13, Alumni 03.01.13
ScotsCast: Calling and Vocation Jim Grauley '82, Alumnus 02.28.13
ScotsCast: Leading Worship in Chapel Jasiri Young '15, Student 02.22.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and the Real World AnneMarie Rowe '13 and Susanna Griffith '13, Alumni 02.21.13
ScotsCast: Helping Students Find Careers Ben '11 and Ashley Baldwin '12, Alumni 02.18.13
ScotsCast: Your College Is Not the Church Chris Seo '14, Student 02.18.13
ScotsCast: Church and College Life Nate Sheldon '13 and Jung Shin '14, Students 02.14.13
ScotsCast: Conservation Week Matthew Bristley '13, Marcos Campbell '14, April Kent '13 02.12.13
ScotsCast: Showing Covenant to High Schoolers Matt Hudnut '14, student 02.12.13
ScotsCast: Other Denominations at Covenant Asia Taylor '13, Student 02.08.13
ScotsCast: Representing Covenant at Home Amy Smith and Scott Schindler, Admissions Representatives 02.06.13
ScotsCast: Joining a Spanish-Speaking Church in Chattanooga Megan Sergeant '14, Student 02.06.13
ScotsCast: The Covenant College Foundation Bruce Williams and Allen Wright, members of the Covenant College Foundation board of trustees 02.01.13
ScotsCast: The Super Bowl as a Theology of Women Dr. Matt Vos, Professor of Sociology 02.01.13
ScotsCast: Basketball Teams Serving in Costa Rica Kiaira Cooper '14 and Nate Frierson '15, students 01.15.13
ScotsCast: Homeschoolers Applying to Covenant Amy Smith and Scott Schindler, Admissions Representatives 12.21.12
ScotsCast: The Campus Activities Board James Cunningham '14 and Hannah Copeland '14 , Students 12.19.12
ScotsCast: Church While in College Esther Ellis '13 and James Cunningham '14, Alumna and Student 12.14.12
ScotsCast: The Wilberforce Scholarship and Free Time Daniel Lloyd '16 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 12.12.12
ScotsCast: Covenant After Homeschooling Esther Ellis '13 and James Cunningham '14, Alumna and Student 12.11.12
ScotsCast: Twentieth Century World History Dr. Richard Follett, Professor of History 12.07.12
ScotsCast: Intramurals at Covenant Ian Dovan '13 , Student 12.03.12
ScotsCast: Playing Music at Covenant Matthew Van Stelle '14, Student 11.30.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and Depression in the Church Camellia Cornelius '15 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 11.20.12
ScotsCast: Core Values of Scots Basketball Kyle Taylor, Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach 11.15.12
ScotsCast: Dr. Nick Barker and the Writer in Residence Program Dr. Bill Tate and Dr. Jim Wildeman, Professor of English and former Professor of English 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Covenant Students and Marketing Gina Crumbliss, Vice President of FSGBank 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Marketing: Presenting Our Product to Professionals Molly Anderson '14 and Rachael Auker '14, Students 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Speech & Debate Society Sarah Swygard '13 and Harris Stevens '15 , Alumna and Student 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Prayer and Colossians 1 Dr. Brian T. Fikkert, Professor of Economics & Community Development and Director of The Chalmers Center 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Prayer and Work Dr. Bill Tate , Professor of English 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Day of Prayer Sarah Swygard '13 and Harris Stevens '15 , Alumna and Student 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Homeschoolers and Covenant Ruth Gibson '13 and Brian Simons '13, Alumni 11.08.12
ScotsCast: Computer Science Competition Chris Lenk '14, Zach Smith '14, Sam Reid '15 11.07.12
ScotsCast: Engineering and Wilberforce Seth Fearnow '15 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 11.02.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce as an Example Neil Clement '13 , student and Wilberforce scholar 11.02.12
ScotsCast: Covenant's Rugby Club Bryce Stout '15 and Peter Hennigan '15 , Students 11.02.12
ScotsCast: The EDGE Conference Todd Erickson '87, Alumnus and Director of the EDGE 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and God's Calling Rachel Carleton '13, Alumna and Wilberforce Scholar 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and the Academic Community Neil Clement '13 , Alumnus and Wilberforce Scholar 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Covenant's Technology Club John Holland '14 , Student 10.30.12
ScotsCast: Thin Film Research with Dr. Broussard Emily Davis '14 and Tim Ahrenholz '14, Students 10.30.12
ScotsCast: Community Development Internships Robbie Brown '13, Student 10.10.12
ScotsCast: Supervised Student Research Dr. Phillip Broussard, Professor of Physics 10.10.12
ScotsCast: All Gifts Matter Tim Mahla, Alumnus and Assistant Director of Young Alumni 10.10.12
ScotsCast: The Church Scholarship Promise Katie Mitchell and Kristin Owen '13 , Coordinator for Advancement Services and Student 10.01.12
ScotsCast: Being Involved in Church While in College Mary Grace Stocker '14 and Rebekah Taft '14 , Students 09.27.12
ScotsCast: Homecoming and Covenant's First Alumnus President Tim Mahla, Alumnus and Assistant Director of Young Alumni 09.26.12
ScotsCast: Principles of Marketing Ben Scott '12, Alumnus 09.21.12
ScotsCast: Theology for the Church Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 09.20.12
ScotsCast: The Center for Calling & Career – Starting on the Right Foot Grace Humbles '13, Alumna 09.19.12
ScotsCast: From Medicine to Theology Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 09.14.12
ScotsCast: Ballroom Club and Ballroom Team Melanie Terpstra '14, Student 09.11.12
ScotsCast: Thirty Years of Computer Science Drs. John Hunt and Doug Sizemore , Associate Professor of Computer Science and Former Professor of Computer Science 09.10.12
ScotsCast: Directing Theatre as a Student Anne Patterson '13, Student 09.05.12
ScotsCast: My Time at Covenant Jon Casselberry '12, Recent Graduate 09.04.12
ScotsCast: My First Year as an English Major at Covenant Adrienne Siegenthaler '15, Student 08.29.12
ScotsCast: Joining the Heritage Society Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis, Friends of the College 08.28.12
ScotsCast: Remembering the Core Curriculum Anne McNutt '12, Alumna 08.24.12
ScotsCast: Engineering and a Liberal Arts Education Dr. Curtis Stern, Professor of Engineering 08.20.12
ScotsCast: Renaissance Literature and Cultural Heritage of the West Dr. Robert Erle Barham, Assistant Professor of English 08.16.12
ScotsCast: Theatre and the Body of Christ Professor Deborah Kirby, Associate Professor of Theatre 08.08.12
ScotsCast: Faith and Language Dr. Nola Stephens, Assistant Professor of Linguistics 07.17.12
ScotsCast: Computer Science Ethics Dr. Jeff Humphries, Associate Professor of Computer Science 07.09.12
ScotsCast: The MAT Program Dr. Jim Drexler, Chair of the Education Department 06.26.12
ScotsCast: Competitive Debate at Covenant Susanna Griffith '13, Student 06.05.12
ScotsCast: Called to Explore Peter McCrory '12, Alumnus 05.22.12
ScotsCast: The Tools Covenant Gave Me David Garrett '82, Alumnus 05.14.12
ScotsCast: Covenant Joins USA South Athletic Conference Tami Smialek, Former Athletics Director 05.10.12
ScotsCast: What We Learned at Covenant Jon Casselberry '12 and Peter McCrory '12 05.07.12
ScotsCast: Teaching and Writing Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 04.26.12
ScotsCast: Mapping Modern Theology Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 04.26.12